‘Crystal Lake’ Showrunner Bryan Fuller Confirms Fans Can See Everything Friday The 13th

Yesterday, Friday The 13th fans were treated to a Halloween surprise as the new franchise show Crystal Lake was announced. The news brought word that Victor Miller, his lawyer Marc Toberoff, and Robert Barsamian would executive produce with Bryan Fuller writing and running the show. The interesting news of note that was overlooked at first was that Robert Barsamian was producing and very much the representative of Horror Inc. If you recall, Victor Miller and Horror Inc spent roughly four years in a rights dispute that was finally resolved in court last year, and now it seems as though the two sides have struck a deal to work together on this new television project. What does that mean for the show?

This absolutely would imply, and we confirmed yesterday, that the full Friday The 13th universe is at the disposal of Bryan Fuller as he writes and develops the show. Yes, that means the mask, the machete, the whole damn thing. Still skeptical? Well, as Fangoria put it today, lets get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Today, Fangoria got an exclusive interview with Fuller about the show, what can be used and even touched upon the possibility of future films.

Everything. We can use everything. We can go to Hell, we can go to space. That's not to say that we will do those things ... although if we do go 10 seasons, I will be lobbying hard to go to space.


A24 and Marc Toberoff, who is Victor Miller's lawyer, have beautifully and excruciatingly assembled all of the Friday the 13th rights. As a streaming series, we have the rights to do everything underneath the Friday the 13th umbrella. The movie rights are a completely different thing. They are tied up at New Line and are super, super messy and probably won't be untangled anytime soon, but as far as us chickens in the television industry, uh, roost, we have access to anything and everything that Friday the 13th has done up until this point.

This will absolutely put a lot of our readers at ease, and I am sure make some of you extremely happy. The state of a new film is not exactly encouraging, but it is possible that with the movement of this show, and especially if it is popular, New Line and company will work to get things straightened out. On the topic of the show, it was asked how much of a prequel this show will be, and I think you all will really like Fuller’s answer.

I don't think I'm allowed to say just yet, but I would say it's less a prequel series than a ... pre-remake-uel series

It is a really great interview over at Fangoria, so go check out the rest of their chat where they discuss the budget and kills for the show! It was mentioned bodies will drop every episode.

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