Upcoming Prop Auction Offering 'Jason Takes Manhattan' And 'Jason Goes To Hell' Items

Profiles In History specializes in auctioning off some of Hollywood's most infamous and treasured props and film related items to the public. For those fans and collectors that get excited at the prospect of owning film history, be prepared to purchase these type of items with a good chunk of your disposable income. Many items such as a screen used Friday The 13th machete or hockey mask can cost you thousands of dollars.

Between June 5th and June 8th, Profiles In History will be holding auctions for a large number of film props and memorabilia, but two items that will be of particular interest to our readers is screen-used Jason Voorhees costume items from Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan and a production-used Jason figure from Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. There is history for each of these items, so let's start first with the Jason Takes Manhattan costume.

Seven years ago, we wrote about this exact costume as it was displayed at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Mario Kirner from the Friday The 13th Props Museum told us at the time that the shirt, pants, and shoe were legitimate matches as being screen used in Part 8, but as he spoke to the memorabilia manager of the restaurant chain at the time, it was revealed that the hockey mask is indeed a replica that was created to round out the display of the costume. Whomever ends up with this set hopefully is aware that the mask is not screen-used.

The Jason figure from Jason Goes To Hell was originally created to be used for the ending of the film where Jason is pulled underground and dragged to Hell. Unfortunately, budgetary issues and time constraints eliminated the figure from being used in the film. The raw footage of the figure and behind the scenes images can be found in Crystal Lake Memories the book and documentary.

There is a 400 page booklet containing all of the Hollywood film props up for auction, but the Friday The 13th items can be found on page 370. View the entire catalog now and see what other film props you would enjoy taking home.. If you don't want to search the catalog, we have screen captured the Friday The 13th items and posted below!

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