Horrorible Kids Cards Offer Up Jason And Pamela Voorhees Collectibles

If you grew up in the 80's, Garbage Pail Kids were your everything when it came to collecting and trading with friends. Long before Pokemon and other trading card games were a thing, Garbage Pail Kids ruled kid's lives and were universally hated by parents for the disgusting nature of the illustrations. Surprisingly, these cards are still produced today in a more limited run, but now fans have a more focused card offering specifically in the Horror genre as Horrorible Kids brings famous film characters to life in unique ways.

Artist Mark Pingatore and his Magic Marker Art brand is getting ready to release an awesome set of Horrorible Kids cards that not only include a new Pamela Voorhees card titled Preserved Pam/Beheaded Betsy, but also all three Series of the collectible card line, which include past Jason Voorhees card releases. The set is on Pre-order now with release in July. More information is below.

PRE-ORDERS are now live for the next HORRORIBLE KIDS release!

24 Pack Boxes AND Official Collector Binders are available. See the links below for full details!



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