Film Prop Thurs: Jason Takes Manhattan Costume

Although the look of Jason in Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan completely threw out consistency from the previous film, the night stalker appearance of Jason fit perfectly into a film that would have him travel to the big city of New York. The costume for Jason Voorhees in the film was quite simple compared the previous film The New Blood.

An almost fully complete costume for Jason from Jason Takes Manhattan currently resides at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The Planet Hollywood costume consists of a shirt, pants, boots, gloves, head appliance and one arm appliance. Most items in the display are authentic and screen used. Mario Kirner of The Friday the 13th Props Museum explained to us last year why certain items are indeed legitimate and the hockey mask is not.

The shirt at Planet Hollywood matches Mario's Part 8 screen used shirt 100% in that it is the same brand, color, buttons and contains the same secret detail that was added to both shirts by the production crew. There is just one difference, the condition of the Planet Hollywood shirt is just a bit more worn out than Mario's shirt in his collection. The big hole below Jason's right side of his chest is ripped through while the shirt in Mario's possession is still just a hole. The most notable difference in the shirts is that the Planet Hollywood shirt features 4 holes on the back while The Prop Museum's shirt has only one hole.

It is possible that the shirt seen in the display below was used for the end scene with Toxic waste which might explain the extra holes.

The hockey mask in the Planet Hollywood display looks a bit different compared to other screen used masks. The shape is a bit off and the color and paint looks different too. It has different straps and closures attached to it. In 2006, Mario met the memorabilia manager at Planet Hollywood, Carmen Hemus, who confirmed that the mask is indeed a replica that was added to round out the display.

Enjoy the photos below. We only wish we could display this in our home!


  1. Completely awesome. I really like the look of Jason in this movie. Why are the clothes so faded? Is it just age. I thought the shirt and pants were darker, almost black?

  2. I love seeing this stuff that gets posted on here all of the time! It's cool to see this shirt and pants the way they look without all of the goop on them.


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