Friday the 13th: The Obsession Schedule And Hock Pics

We are getting very close to the beginning of production for Timberwolf West and Midnight Hill's web series Friday the 13th: The Obsession. We have been chatting it up in our dedicated Forum for the new web series and a lot has been revealed over the last couple of weeks. Now comes news of the shooting schedule!

The plan for shooting the series was recently outlined on the official Facebook page, which is listed below.

Production begins May 1st. Blog Wednesday night/Thursday morning (depending on your location) Episdes will be shot out of order, and the easier character stuff will be shot first, with the larger efx and camp stuff shot later in the summer. We hope to show the series Sept into Oct/Halloween for the final show. It will run 7 weeks.

That means we are only a few days away from principal photography to begin and that also means we should be getting some images and possible footage to show off in the next month or so. We also have a look at the multiple masks that are being created for Jason Voorhees in the series. These are still not finished products, but fans will notice the direction that is being taken.

There is also a decison being made on what type of hockey mask that the obsessed fan, Amy, will wear during her murderous rampage. To lend your thoughts, visit our discussion thread. Look for more information to pour in as filming begins next week!