Film Props: Closer Look At The 'Jason Takes Manhattan' Hockey Mask

Today we have another new image of a screen-used hockey mask used in the Friday The 13th films! All fans can appreciate their significance among the history of the franchise and artists enjoy seeing these images to craft new replicas for collectors to enjoy. Mario Kirner from the Friday The 13th Props Museum was nice enough to share an image and information about the hockey mask used during the production of Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan.

There are many fans in the collecting hobby that are curious to know how the hockey masks for each film were made, like which masks were made of clear plastic or which were created using resin. Well, those questions were answered in our post about the inside of the Jason Takes Manhattan mask a while ago, but now we have a nice close-up look of the front of the mask that shows tremendous detail of the head gear worn on-screen by Kane Hodder. With the mask being 25 years old, the leather straps, although worn, are still in tremendous shape.

View the mask below and let us know what you think of this rare look at a one of kind prop and look for more screen-used props to be posted on the site in the future!

Click to enlarge

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