Film Props: Looking Through The Eyes Of The Jason Takes Manhattan Mask

We haven't added anything to the Friday The 13th Props Museum since 2013, but owner Mario Kirner has given us permission to include something very special to the collection today! There are many fans in the collecting hobby that are curious to know how the hockey masks for each film were made, like which masks were made of clear plastic, or which were created using resin. Well, some of those questions can be answered for the hockey mask worn by Kane Hodder in Friday The 13th Part 8 :Jason Takes Manhattan.

Below is a look behind the screen-used mask worn in the Manhattan adventure and it is noticeable that it was originally a clear mask with a base and final paint coating applied later. With the mask being 25 years old, the leather straps, although worn, are still in tremendous shape.

This is a rare look at this prop and hopefully we can bring you more images like this one in the future!

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