Film Props: The Production-Used Hockey Masks Of 'Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6'

Today we have more images of screen-used and production-used hockey masks used in the Friday The 13th films! All fans can appreciate their significance among the history of the franchise and artists enjoy seeing these images to craft new replicas for collectors to enjoy. Mario Kirner from the Friday The 13th Props Museum was nice enough to share images and information of the following three of twelve hockey masks used during the production of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6.

There were twelve masks made to use during the production of Jason Lives. Another mask was made in post production when they filmed the "James Bond" eye scene for the beginning of the opening credits. They made this thirteenth mask as there was no good mask leftover from the film production to use. The thirteenth mask is still owned by Jason Voorhees actor  C.J Graham to this day.

Basically there are two styles of hockey masks seen in this film, the masks with out bullet holes and the ones with bullet holes. They made four of the masks with bullet holes for which Mario owns three of them. There is not much known about the entire set of masks made as Mario mentioned he is only aware of where six of the thirteen masks reside.

Some of the hockey masks had more screen time than others because some were rigged for F/X purposes or stunt work. Below are some of the masks used during production in various states of damage.

The mask located to the lower left in the image above was seen on-screen, worn by C.J. Graham after Jason is shot in the head with Sheriff Garris' revolver. The mask located in the lower middle of the image is an F/X prop that was created to simulate the gun shot to Jason's head by Garris. Notice the large portion of the mask that is missing because of the bullet simulation. The final mask is located in the lower right of the image and has a lot of history. It is very special since it was used during many portions of the production of Jason Lives. The hockey mask was used for close-up shots as well as underwater stunt and F/X work. The best part about this mask is it was also used on the F/X Jason puppet that gets hit by the boat motor propeller at the end of the film! Notice the motor damage on the right side of the mask as opposed to the left, which is seen in Jason Lives. The mask was mirrored in the film, which means the blade damage should have been on the right and is mistakenly used in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood on the left as well.
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