Experience Friday The 13th Themed Terror With Board Game 'Last Friday'

Having the ability to experience a film scenario in either a video game or theme park attraction is always an exciting part of our fandom and heightens the love of our favorite movies. The Friday The 13th franchise is a unique experience in of itself and when you have a chance to become part of the story, it is awesome. Video games are normally the go to source of recreating our most beloved movies and now with Friday The 13th: The Game in development for release later this year, fans of the franchise will hopefully get the definitive in-game experience of going toe to toe with Jason Voorhees.

There is, however, a more conventional means to playing out a film scenario and that is on a board game. With that in mind, there has been a new game in development for close to a year that uses the familiar secluded camp setting and killer on the loose story in the new survival horror game Last Friday. Although this is not an official Friday The 13th board game, it does use the usual tropes we have all come to love, including a very similar story used to set up the game itself. Antonio Ferrara and Sebastian Fiorillo of Escape Studios created the game and plan to release it sometime later this year in Italy and other International markets (including the United States).

Last Friday is designed to take players back to the atmosphere of horror films of the 1980s and is clearly a tribute the slasher films, specifically Friday The 13th. Within the game, there is a maniac on the loose who wanders the summer camp and a group of counselors are on his trail. From what we understand, players try to figure out how to find the killer and stop him/her while trying to avoid being found themselves and getting killed. The game will also offer the opportunity to have players take the side of the killer to go against the rest of the group at camp (the game is for 2-6 people) or side with the campers intent on flushing him out. Depending on the scenario the two factions alternate the role of pursuers and pursued.

When we find out more about the game and when it will be released, we will let everyone know. In the mean time, check out game's story and contents below.

Five friends were contacted by the counselors at Camp Apache, a summer camp nestled deep in the woods. In exchange for a weekend getaway at the camp, the friends agreed to make some repairs and get the place ready for the coming season. What they don't know, is that they are about to experience the most terrifying weekend of their lives. Locals believe the camp is cursed due to unexplainable misfortunes over the years.

Campfire legend tells of a murderer who died at Camp Apache and is determined to seek revenge from the grave. Several days before their arrival, a decomposed body was fished out of the lake by some divers. The authorities weren’t able to identify the body and had the corpse buried in the cemetery several miles from the infamous camp.

Some believe the body from the lake belongs to the legendary murderer who refuses to stay dead. The unprepared group will soon discover the horrifying truth. Is the body resting peacefully in the cemetery or has the maniac returned to carry out his brutal revenge?


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