The Killers' Hands Are Full In These New 'Freddy vs Jason' Posters

The hugely anticipated horror team-up of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger was over ten years in the making when it was released in theaters in 2003. The marketing for the film was one of the largest ever for a film in the genre and it was very successful grossing almost $115 million dollars worldwide. The popularity of Freddy vs Jason is still present over a decade after its initial release for which many artists like to create their own promotional material for the film.

Recently, a private commission led to artist and Graphic Designer Matthew Florey Rowan to create his version of posters for Freddy vs Jason, which can be seen below. The posters are screen-printed and only 45 sets were created. Each screen print is 24 x 36 in size and each is hand numbered out of 45. Some of the people who commissioned the set of posters had to drop out of purchasing so now a few are available to the fans! The set costs $113 shipped in the US.

If interested in purchasing this poster set, check out the Pinned Post in our Facebook Group for contact information. What do you think of these posters and would like to hang these on your walls?

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