Watch Waxwork Records' Friday The 13th Part 3 Vinyl Soundtrack in Action

This past Friday the 13th Waxwork Records unveiled a short video on their Instagram account showing off the excellent lenticular design of their upcoming Friday The 13th Part 3 vinyl soundtrack release. The 3-D album cover features art by Gary Pullin and will house the double LP release. The gatefold cover is a 3-D lenticular print while the records are the colors of 3-D glasses, blue and red! Other cool additions are artwork from the alternate ending of the film and other surprises Waxwork is keeping close to the vest.

Now the vinyl and upcoming comics company has releases a neat little video of their gatefold covers being processed and prepared for release. Check out that video below which reveals the back of the gatefold to show Chris' canoe dream sequence with Mrs. Voorhees.

Waxwork has not mentioned the official release date or cost for this soundtrack as of yet, but look for more info to emerge very soon!

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