The Original FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 Ending Revealed In Pictures

As each year passes by, Friday The 13th fans become even more impatient in wanting to see the unedited films in the franchise released to home video. Sadly, fans may never see these uncut films due to lost footage or damaged film negatives. Compounding the frustration is knowing that certain cut or alternate scenes do indeed exist and have been reported about for decades. Quite possibly the most infamous alternate ending in the franchise comes from Friday The 13th Part 3 which contains the much talked about decapitation of Final Girl Chris Higgins. This scene was the original intended ending for the film, but there has been much confusion towards if this lost ending actually was shot on film. If there was still some lingering doubt by fans today, what we have for our readers now should lay that to rest.

Billy Kirkus has unearthed some of the most important still photography ever witnessed by Friday The 13th fans, for which we can finally piece together a visual representation of that long lost original ending to the third film in the franchise. Of course, it would be other worldly to have gotten our hands on actual motion footage of the ending, but what we have here is still a real treat for fans. Not only has Billy scanned numerous scenes from the first ending to digital files to post online, but we have arranged the images in the best possible order so fans can get a complete visual idea of how Chris meets her demise at the hands of Jason.

After you check out the alternate ending below, we have also posted some outrageous behind the scenes images depicting the setup that was involved in shooting this scene. So yes, the scene was filmed as evident by the plethora of photos we have posted here today. One day we hope to find the actual footage of the original ending and fans will finally solve one of the final pieces to the franchise puzzle.

We hope you enjoy all of the images and ask that you can share with the scores of fans across the web. Big thanks to Billy Kirkus for finding these images and letting us share them with the fans. Happy Halloween!

The Alternate Ending Of Part 3 In Pictures

For the original ending, Chris awakens in the canoe on Crystal Lake after the events of the previous evening left her as the lone survivor. Chris rows the canoe back to shore and begins walking towards the house with an exhausted demeanor. She suddenly hears a noise from the house, and thinking it's Rick, begins to run to the porch of the house. Once she arrives at the front door, it suddenly bursts open and Jason emerges, to the surprise of Chris. Jason then grabs Chris by the hair and chops her head off with a machete.

These images show the original look of Jason Voorhees as well, which was a mask designed by effects artist Stan Winston. After the decision was made to excise this original ending, the look of Jason was completely overhauled to what we now see in film today.

Behind The Scenes On The Alternate Ending

These photos show a number of shots of the decapitation rig used for the beheading of Chris Higgins. Crew can be seen planning out how Jason will approach Chris as well as blocking out the machete swiping action towards the character. Other images of note show the dolly track being laid down for the camera to pan across the porch. In this shot you can see Jason Voorhees actor Richard Brooker in full costume watching the crew lay the track from the porch. Other photos show Director Steve Miner behind the camera filming the original ending as well as producer Frank Mancuso on the porch during the decapitation being filmed and also talking to a member of the production.

One final image of note is the clap board seen in one take that shows the title of the film as Crystal Japan, which was used to disguise production from the union. The title was taken from the famous David Bowie song.

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