Witness The Mrs. Voorhees Shrine Head Prop From 'Friday The 13th Part 2'

Longtime readers of our website know that we appreciate the props of the films in the franchise and make it a goal to feature as many props from Friday The 13th as possible. Some props are more rare than others, especially from the older films in the franchise. When a unique prop surfaces, we make sure to let the fans know about it right away. We have been tracking a restoration project the past 24 hours on what has to be one of the holy grails of props from the films and now the final product has been completed and ready to be shared.

Everyone knows the famous Mrs. Voorhees shrine scene near the end of Friday The 13th Part 2 where our favorite heroin Ginny stumbles into Jason's shack and makes the ghastly discovery. The prop used for Mrs. Voorhees' head located on that shrine was made from foam latex and has not been made readily available for public consumption in many years. Well, Tom Spina Designs was recently tasked with doing a complete restoration on the iconic prop by a private owner of the piece and what they have done is simply marvelous.

Below you will see the head prop in its original decaying state and the final restoration of the item completed in a really cool display case/base. In my mind, this is a pretty important piece of history for the franchise and I am glad the owner had it restored for fans to continue to enjoy for the future.

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