NECA Friday The 13th Part 5 Roy Retro 8 Inch Figure Review

"If the memory of Jason still haunts you, you're not alone."

For years, Friday the 13th fans have enjoyed collecting various collectible items released by numerous companies, with the most notable being actions figures. From the 25th anniversary Friday The 13th Part 2 box set featuring "Bag head" Jason and Pamela Voorhees to the Retro Mego style Part 3 Jason figure, fans have been hungry for more and more. For years, fans have been wanting to see two figures in particular be made, and ironically enough, it would be for the two films in the series that the majority of fans have the most disdain for, Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning and Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Over the years, as fans have seen many renditions of the character get made, these two iterations of Jason would be continuously passed over. As the years passed by, fans would continue to take to social media in many forms to voice their want for these two particular versions.

This past year, fans were shocked and excited to see a post from Neca that they were indeed making a figure for the imposter Jason (Roy) from A New Beginning in the same retro Mego style figure as the Part 3 figure released previously. Slated for release this past July, fans eagerly awaited to get their hands on this highly sought after figure. Once released, it was bought up in very quick succession by fans all over the world. So, let's dig up his grave and take a good look at...Jason.


The first thing I looked at was the packaging, I am a big stickler for the packaging of all items and I like the route Neca has gone for these figures. The resealable clam shell packaging makes it easy to take the figure out to be displayed as well as placed back into the package and sealed back up. I think this is a brilliant idea as some fans such as myself like to do both. The only issue i found with this is that the packaging was a little tough to open without having a small split on the plastic, instead of just popping the pieces that snap back into place when resealing the packaging back up.

Other than that, I personally think that this is by far the best way of doing the packaging for a collector of the figures and I hope they continue to do the packaging for future figures this way.


Now onto the figure itself. I am a huge fan of the retro mego style figure look. From the overall size, to the clothing material, it really sets them apart from the other seven inch figures that have been released. The trademark hockey mask look for Part 5 is done beautifully, and as a fan of the film, I actually like the different look for this mask. Now, I'm not sure if this has applied to any other collectors figures, but I did find that the hockey mask does not fit and stay on the figure head. It seems to be somewhat loose, and is in the looking down position when put on the figure. I also noticed that the middle strap on the mask is not centered, it is more to the left side which may be the reason for the loose fit. On the plus side, the coveralls on the figure look great, and are very detailed right down to the dirt stains all over.

Neca did a great job giving a screen accurate look to this figure, right down to removing the hockey mask and seeing Roy's (actor Dick Wieand's) face inside the hood. I can honestly say that they really captured his look from the movie and applied it to the figure to make it that much more impressive.


As with all Jason Voorhees figures, this would not be complete without an assortment of accessories. Accompanying Roy is the meat cleaver that brought the demise of Ethel and Junior, a bloody knife, an alternate bloody hand, and the hedge clippers that caused Tina to scream and lose sight of, well....


After taking a full look at this figure, the packaging, and the accessories, I can honestly say that amidst a few issues this is a must have for any Friday the 13th fan and collector. From the artwork, the detail of the figure and hockey mask and great accessories, this is one that is worth every penny and should not be missed by any Friday fan. It is really nice to see that Part 5 and the Roy figure is finally getting it's due and i hope that we get to see a seven inch rendition of this figure in the future.

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