Friday The 13th 8 Film Theatrical Marathon Part Of 2014 Monster Fest

The Halloween season has come and gone now, which usually means there will not be too many Horror themed events or films being released for the few remaining weeks of 2014. However, as fans in the United States prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, everyone else outside of that country has a few more weeks before the Christmas season takes a stronger hold on their lives. With that in mind, Melbourne, Australia has a really cool Horror extravaganza taking place November 20-30th whereas a large genre themed film festival has been slated for all fans to enjoy.

Monster Fest kicks off another exciting year in Melbourne and along with all of the parties, film guests and movies, our readers are being treated to a Friday The 13th marathon that includes the first eight films in the franchise. That's right, watch from the beginning with Mrs. Voorhees all the way to Jason taking Manhattan. Our Melbourne readers can start buying your tickets now for the marathon, which is taking place at the Cinema Nova on November 28th. For information on the film marathon, please visit and if you want to know more about Monster Fest, which the Friday marathon is apart of, please visit

We hope everyone has fun, and if any of our readers attend, we would love to see pictures!

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