When And What To Release For The Next Friday The 13th Film?

Since the blockbuster announcement last month that Paramount Pictures has retained the rights to distribute new Friday The 13th films, it has been quiet on the news front on what the storied studio has planned for Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees. It was reported a week later that Platinum Dunes and Paramount were both pushing forward to try and get a new film moving into production, but nothing has been mentioned since then and a few fans have already become worried that maybe Paramount isn't as serious about getting a new film off the ground as everyone initially thought. This writer must first say, practice patience everyone as the deal was just announced a month ago. We will get a new Friday The 13th film in the foreseeable future.

With a five year window to get Jason Voorhees back into theaters, there could be a wide range of ideas being thrown around on accomplishing the feat. Our website has already kicked around five ideas of what we and fans would like to see in the new film, and we hope Paramount is watching and listening! These are just elements that everyone would like to see back in the films, however, but what should the actual story be? There is that Jason vs Jarvis sequel buzz where Corey Feldman would reprise the role of Tommy Jarvis to continue battling Jason Voorhees. Remember the found footage news that sent the web ablaze back in 2011? Heck, there are even some older plots that were thrown into the ring as possible films that could still serve as further sequels.

Everyone has their idea of what they think the perfect Friday The 13th sequel should be, but then there is the question of when to release it? Should it be on a Friday The 13th date? What about a Summer release where some big money could be made when teens are out of school? Friday The 13th films have been released all over the calendar with even the newest film being a Valentine's Day weekend release. There have been a few films from the franchise released at the end of Summer in August, however, with mixed reults (Jason Goes To Hell, Freddy vs Jason). Fans always want that Friday The 13th date release, but the reality is that there have only been a handful of such releases for the films.

All we can have is patience right now and everything will fall into place. Hopefully, we get to see Jason in a Winter type setting for the first time and perhaps on a June 13th, 2014 date. However, if it doesn't happen right away, Jason will be back again very soon. What are you hoping to see for the next movie and when would you like a new movie released?
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