Platinum Dunes And Paramount Together For Friday The 13th Sequel Soon?

Wow, the Friday The 13th news just keeps rolling in as this past week has seen a whirlwind of news with regards to the franchise such as Paramount regaining the rights to distribute the next sequel, the new Blu-Ray Box set release of all twelve films in the franchise and of course the news last month about the release of the Crystal Lake Memories documentary. Now, Bloody Disgusting has word from a discussion with Jason Voorhees actor Derek Mears that production company Platinum Dunes is pushing hard to work with Paramount Pictures on the the next sequel!

Derek tells Bloody Disgusting: "I spoke to Brad Fuller and he said that the rights are, as everyone knows, over at Paramount and they’re pushing hard. They’re going we want [a new Friday The 13th movie] as fast as possible.” And in regards to Derek reprising the role of Jason: "…I know they [Platinum Dunes] like me and they want me back.…look, even if I’m not a part of the series, as a fan I just want to see more."

Many fans have mixed emotions when it comes to Platinum Dunes and their involvement with the franchise, but this writer really enjoyed their take on Friday The 13th and am curious to see what they could do with one film under their belts and Paramount Pictures back distributing the sequels. We will definitely be hearing more about this soon.

What does our readers think about these developments?

Source: Bloody Disgusting