Corey Feldman Wants Halloween: H2O Approach To His Friday The 13th Sequel

Towards the end of November we brought our readers news that Corey Feldman was developing a Friday The 13th sequel titled Jason vs Jarvis via an interview with MovieWeb where he would reprise his role of Tommy Jarvis. Of course, this was not the first time we had heard Corey was working on a Friday The 13th sequel as the Producer of his latest film Six Degrees Of Hell let us know in late August 2011 that Corey was trying to develop a sequel already, but we had not heard anything on a title or story direction.

A few months have passed since the Tommy vs Jarvis title was mentioned, but recently Aint It Cool News sat down with the genre icon and discussed his upcoming plans to reprise past roles and of course Tommy Jarvis and Friday The 13th came up once again. In this new interview, a hint of the proposed Friday The 13th sequel is mentioned by Corey that answers a few questions that fans were wondering about, specifically where would the film take place in the timeline of the franchise.

Read a portion of the interview below which includes talk of taking the franchise in the direction of one of the more successful Halloween film entries.

From Aint It Cool News

BUG: Would you ever revisit another role…. I know you’ve revisited THE LOST BOYS a couple of times, but would you ever revisit a role like in FRIDAY THE 13th as Tommy Jarvis all grown up? Is that something you would do?

CF (Corey Feldman): Well not only is it something I would do, but it’s something that I’ve been involved for many years trying to get on its feet. I’ve had many meetings…. As a matter of fact with Barney Cohen, the writer from the original FRIDAY THE 13th: FINAL CHAPTER from which I appeared in and I’ve actually created the concept, which we’ve been pitching around to the studios to do a FRIDAY THE 13th update, like an H2O type approach. I think we would all like to see Tommy Jarvis grown up and having a rematch with Jason. I mean if there was one more horror film that I would add to my list of things that I would have to do in my career, that would definitely be one. That is the film that needs to be made. FRIDAY THE 13th: PART 13 TOMMY VS. JASON.

BUG: Definitely, yeah. I would love to see that. That would be fantastic.

CF: In 3D of course.

So it looks as though if this film was ever to get made, the fans would be getting a situation where a direct sequel to possibly The Final Chapter could take place or even Jason Lives. Only time will tell, but the idea could be interesting, but we are sure the mention of 3D doesn't get too many of our readers excited.

Source: Aint It Cool News