Friday The 13th Ranked In Top 50 Most Illogical Movie Endings

The finales to Friday The 13th films have been often debated and sometimes lamented over the past 30 years  which leads to interesting conversations. In fact, it is vary rare that the endings of any of the films are presented as straight forward or make any real sense to the majority of fans. So it is no real surprise that the one of the entries in the franchise would make a list of most illogical endings, but it might be surprising which movie was chosen.

Total Film has compiled their Top 50 Most Illogical Movie Endings and Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood was chosen to come in at #28. Some of our readers may be asking themselves, "Why The New Blood? Surely, others in the franchise had more nonsensical endings". Well, two endings come to mind and that is Friday The 13th Part 2 as well as Jason Takes Manhattan, but we can leave those debates for the Forum. At any rate, check out the rest of Total Films' list and let us know your thoughts on the selection of The New Blood for this list in our comment section below!