Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Jason Attending Halloween Reunion?

There will always be a certain mystique to Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, with more and more information still being revealed over the years about the production. The film is always a lightning rod for fans that create conversations about where the original Paramount franchise "jumped the shark" and Jason Voorhees was not the killer, but an imposter with hockey mask like tendencies. Up until the late 2000's, there was even still a mystery about which actor portrayed the Jason Voorhees character in Tommy's dream sequences and who played the mechanic suit wearing pseudo Jason. Of course, most fans now know that Tom Morga was the main man in charge of the machete and other instruments of terror with a little help from John Hock.

Tom hasn't attended too many conventions or genre events in the last few years, but that's not to say he doesn't enjoy them and now he will be attending one of the biggest Horror reunion shows to date, the Halloween: 35 Years Of Terror reunion! How does Tom fit in to the Halloween franchise, our readers may wonder? Well, Mr. Morga was originally cast to play The Shape in Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers, but after shooting for a minimal amount of time, he was replaced by George P. Wilbur. However, his now infamous "Mummy Myers" scene was kept for the movie since it was already filmed and the rest is history.

To meet Tom and eventually other Friday The 13th alumni who were apart of the Halloween franchise (John Buechler effects anyone?), make sure to visit for more information and see who else is attending.