The Jason Acting Duo Of 'A New Beginning'

During the 1980's, many films of the Friday the 13th series saw different actors/stuntmen play the part of Jason Voorhees. Recently, the most notable to be talked about is that of two stuntmen playing Jason in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. C.J. Graham gained screen credit for the part for good reason as he did play Jason for 98% of the entire film. It was only the paintball scene in that film where Dan Bradley, who was originally cast, suited up with the hockey mask.

There was another uncredited actor/stuntman that played in the series and that person played both Jason and Pseudo Jason in Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning.

Tom Morga is the man who received credit for playing Jason Voorhees and Pseudo Jason, Roy, in A New Beginning. Tom did a great job who is a well respected stuntman in the film industry and also happened to played other great slashers in the genre throughout the 80’s. However, there is another person that helped create the character for the film.

John Hock was a relative unknown in the Friday the 13th universe until most recently. His contribution to ‘A New Beginning’ is not to be ignored, however, as he portrayed Jason in a number of key scenes in the film. John is known most for his stunt where he played Pseudo Jason, Roy, falling from the barn onto the bed of pikes near the end of the film.

This, however, was not the only scene that John Hock portrayed Pseudo Jason. During one night of filming, Tom Morga was not able to assist in one scene, so director Danny Steinman enlisted John Hock to film a quick add-in shot of Roy entering the barn of Pinehurst during climactic ending of Part 5.

The biggest contribution to ‘A New Beginning’ from John was his work as the actual Jason in Tommy’s opening dream sequence. John Hock, Danny Steinman and crew set out to the backyard of a close neighbor of Corey Feldman’s grandparent's residence to film that opening scene the same night that Tom Morga was not available. The opening scene is looked upon as the best part of the film by some fans and now you can add John Hock to the list of many people that have donned the mask of the infamous Jason Voorhees.