Tom Savini Writing New F/X Columns For GoreZone Magazine

Legendary F/X artist Tom Savini is of course known by Friday The 13th fans as the man that not only created some of the most detailed death scenes in the franchise, but gave Jason Voorhees life as a mongoloid child in the original 1980 slasher. Savini would return to the franchise years later in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and pick up where he left off with quite possibly the best practical effects seen in the films ever. Now, Tom takes his experience in the field of effects to the newly relaunched Fangoria offshoot magazine Gorezone!

Gorezone's last issue was published in 1994 and after a long hiatus it is back with the king of gore effects contributing to the classic column Make-Up FX Lab!

From Fangoria
Originally written by FX wizards John Caglione and Doug Drexler, we’re thrilled to announce that Savini – who needs no introduction here – will be steering the new version of the lamented prosthetic effects master-class column. Tom will be digging up classic gags from his storied past with rarely seen – in some cases, NEVER seen – photos from his personal collection as well as his current work, the work of new FX artists he deems worthy, his warts-and-all opinions on the state of the FX industry and more. The column will be intelligent, thoughtful, educational, funny…and of course wonderfully revolting!

This writer is truly excited for the return of the magazine and to read this column and to find out what never before seen behind the scenes photos he reveals. May we see some new Friday The 13th photos? We shall see! For more about this news, make sure to visit

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