Jason And Chris Higgins Family Photo

It is always a joy to see fans and artist's interpretations on characters in the series. We have featured a number of illustrations, sculptures and even bakery on the website previously. Yes, there was an artist's take on bakery in May. We have never had an illustrated family photo of sorts for the series, but now we have something special for the fans to see!

By now, many of our visitors, fans of the Friday the 13th films, and collectors in the mask community know about Crash Cunningham's talents. His work was last featured on this site with his illustrated take on Jason escaping from his shack after the events of Friday the 13th Part 2. Now he has created new imagery for fans enjoy.

Below is an awesome image we like to call a family photo, but in reality it comes off as more like an on-set behind the scenes photo from Friday the 13th Part 3!.

It truly is a great visual for the people that hold Friday the 13th dear to their heart to witness. Make sure to visit Crash's website, www.crasharmy.com to see all of his great Friday the 13th related artwork and masks!