Cunningham Mentions Sequel Aim For 2012

We were going to write about this information in a recap of our reunion report from Maryland, but that was delayed. Also, since it is sequel related, it was decided that it deserved its own story. Friday the 13th film franchise creator Sean Cunningham made mention of some sequel news during the Friday the 13th reunion a few weeks while making his appearance.

Mr Cunningham was asked by fans about the potential sequel and its status and he told more than a few fans that "they are aiming for 2012". Aiming for a date is a lot different than actually having a solid date that has been approved by the distributor, however, it is at least encouraging to hear that even Sean is aware that the creative minds are attempting to get that long awaited sequel out to the fans. At this time, Warner Bros. has not approved anything along the lines of script or the project as a whole.

While you look at Brad Fuller's previous tweets about trying to get the sequel approved and now hear that Sean Cunningham is aware of a 2012 date to get the sequel film out into theaters, fans must at least be somewhat optimistic that the franchise is not an afterthought. However, it would be pretty difficult to get a new movie together in time for a release next year and as we reported a few weeks ago, it is more realistic that we will still have a few more years before Jason returning is a reality.