Celebrate Friday the 13th With A Donut?

Everyone wants to have a piece of Jason Voorhees these days. Toy companies, comic producers and film distributors grease their bottom line with Jason's bloody adventures. Now, someone else wants to grease their baking pans to celebrate Jason's bloody goodness!

Psycho Donuts is taking full advantage of the impending Friday the 13th holiday which arrives in a week and half and has decided to celebrate the Voorhees' special day by immortalizing Jason on a ...... donut. Yes, that's right, a donut. Here is the juicy and bloody details announced recently on their Facebook Page.

Starting this Thursday, Psycho Donuts will be offering up their JasoNut, a blood jelly-filled (raspberry), chocolate iced, powdered sugar hockey mask of a donut. After its release, the donut will be available throughout the rest of May 2011. So, make sure to check out the website linked in the name of the company above and see about ordering yourself a gooey filled Jason Voorhees donut today!