7th Son Is The New Blood Jason Mask

Although there have been many masks created featuring the makeup of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, none have been able to duplicate the movement of the exposed jaw on Jason's left side of his face. Fortunately, one artist may have created a mask that does just that.

Matt Green has been working on this style of Jason mask for a few months and been kind enough to share the progress with Cryptshow.net and Ron McLellen. Just recently, a video demonstration was posted showing the capability of a moving exposed jaw as seen in The New Blood. The mask is indeed wearable and is made with latex skin over foam and that allows the wearer to get some movement in the mouth.

The mask in the photos and in the video demonstration is a prototype and is larger than the masks that Matt will be selling. To get the proper jaw movement, a pad must be added to the chin socket part of the inside of the mask for best motion results. The masks that will be sold will have padding around the acrylic mask so that it doesn't scratch a person when wearing it.

Stay tuned for more details and we'll let you know when there is more info on price and selling dates!