Submit Your Friday the 13th Art!

Friday the 13th art is one of the most creative ways for fans to express their love for the film franchise and to feel part of the phenomena that has lasted for over 3 decades. This site started a Fan Creation Forum in the Discussion Forum section our of website and there has been some really great pieces added there for fans to see. Now is your opportunity to have your art seen!

Recently, we have been receiving emails with artwork to add to the website. However, most come with no credit to the creator of the art. We will not post artwork in the soon-to-be opened Fan Creation section of the website without proper credit. So, here is where the fans of the series come in. To submit fan art (which can be drawings, paintings, sculptures, figures), please complete the quick Sign Up Form for our forum and then add either the link or picture of the fan piece in our Fan Creation Forum.

From the Fan Creation Forum, we will be selecting certain pieces each week and writing a story about the art in a weekly spot. That item will also be added to the new Fan Art section of the website, which will open soon. Check out a few items of Friday the 13th fan art above and below which was sent to us this past weekend. If anyone knows the artists, please place there info in the comments. Thanks!