All Friday the 13th Comics On One Disc!

There are a number of fans that are just getting into collecting Friday the 13th comics or are trying to complete the collection from a number of years ago. It can be time consuming and a little stressful to try and get all of the copies that were released by the multiple companies that produced these comics. Now, someone offers a unique alternative.

A seller on eBay is now selling a CD that contains all of the Friday the 13th comics in digital form. This may not be ideal for some, but for those people that don't want the clutter of numerous comics laying around and are a part of the Kindle and growing eBook generation, then this may be for you. Read on for the seller's description:

This is a great E-book comic pack that will include 34 comics from the Friday The 13th comic series.

3 different publishers have handled this classic series and they are all included.

26 different comics from Avatar, Topps, and Wildstorm... all featuring the Hockey Masked, Machete weilding Killer, Jason.

This will be sent on one cd-r and it will include a program file of Comical. These are all .cbr, .cbz files and you will need a comic book reader
to read the files. Comical is freeware and can be found on many free download sites, but I have included it for simple ease to you, the buyer.

The version of Comical is for Windows. But if you have another system and do not have a comic book reader for your computer, please let me know
and I will find something that will work for you.

This disc will play on any computer or laptop, all you need is a comic book reader, which is included anyway.

If this interests you, visit the eBay page for a chance at this unique opportunity!