Timberwolf Announces Friday the 13th Web Series

Timberwolf Entertainment just revealed plans to this website that are going to produce a Friday the 13th web series based on an old idea for a fan film that was envisioned over a decade ago. This new web series is not affiliated with the news of a new project that was reported on few days ago. Timberwolf was previously responsible for two hugely successful fan films in the past, which lends credibility to this new series.

Friday the 13th: The Storm was the most recent fan film that was produced by Timberwolf Entertainment and was shot in beautiful High Definition. The film was released in July 2009 and was met with high praise from the Friday the 13th community of fans. This new Jason Voorhees endeavor should be pleasing to fans and give them something to look forward to on a weekly basis for a period of time.

The new web series, Friday the 13th: The Obsession, came from an idea for a fan film that Producer Tim Whitfield envisioned in the late 1990's. As the idea for the fan film never came to fruition, the thought was to create a web series on his idea that would be low in cost and time and still produce the story he so desperately wanted to get out to the fans. Below is part of the announcement made at Timberwolf's News Blog.

After producing two features and a web series in California, Tim began to realize Obsession could work as a web series. "It was two web series that gave me the idea actually" Tim explains, "First it was the interest and the success of releasing a old original 2004 feature 'Shadows Fall' as web series, then it was the (overall) ease and success shooting a new web series 'Diary of A Black Widow' with Y-Not Productions that made me realize it could be done for a reasonable budget." Tim knew they could not do a feature,  because of the time and upfront money such a project requires with no way to earn it back since it was a fan film. But as a web series it could be done 15 or so minutes at a time, for little cost without the cast and crew missing work and paid projects.

To read more of the announcement, visit Timberwolf's News Blog and keep an eye out for more news as the production kicks into gear on this new Friday the 13th Web Series due to hit the web Summer 2011.


  1. Sounds awesome. I will enjoy watching these. Good luck making it!

  2. This sounds cool, and I just watched their old trailers for the film that was going to be made back in the 90's. Funny to see the video store with videos coming out from 1998. :)

  3. Thanks for the support all... this project has really been eating at me for years.

    But i do have to stress this isn't a sequel or extension of the series like our "Storm" and Cold Heart" were. I love them, and many people say the "Storm" look just as good, and even better then some of the real films...

    BUT, artisticly I have no desire to make "Friday the 13th part Whatever" ( I would if Warner asked me.. and I do have my own sequel scripts! LOL) But this is a film about a Friday The 13th fan, and how their world crumbles down around them and they take on Jason's persona to strike back at enemies in life.

    It's a very different and original idea. The closest thing would be something like "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" which took place in the "Real World"

    But don't worry Jason will have a strong presence and will be a mix of the best of all the films. Mostly parts 2-4,6, 7 and JGTH.. no Jason X..lol - even the part 2 Jason makes an appearance.

    But again.. this is a very different and original stand alone story made by fans, for fans that i wrote many years ago and this is part of my past I want to lay to rest.

  4. Also.. we just added some casting and story news... on our blog.



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