Behind The Scenes: Freddy vs Jason, Jason's First Kill

Just as the creators of Jason Goes To Hell did back in 1993, the filmmakers from Freddy vs Jason tried to reinact a typical stalk and chase formula in the opening of their film. The skinny dipping counselor emerges from the water of Crystal Lake, naked, looking for her boyfriend. Jason's shadowy figure emerges from the dense fog and begins chase. The scene itself was not all too effective. but did introduce Jason into the film in a familiar environment.

Setting up the scene where Heather (Odessa Monroe) is impaled on a tree by Jason's machete took hours of setup work by the crew. Not only was there the task of setting up the actress on the tree and creating the effect of the machete piercing through her body, but also the proper lighting and line of sight needed to be created for the eerie fog filled scene. Below are some behind the scenes photos of the crew hard at work preparing the scene.

Special thanks to fan FreddyForever for sending these pics in!

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