Outfit Your Legos WIth Jason Voorhees

Custom figures have been envogue for many years now. Some of the most skilled artists have created very near definitive renditions of Jason Voorhees in varying sizes of figures. One type of custom figure that still has much room for improvement is that of Lego figures. Because of the small size of the figure, detailing is very difficult to accomplish. However, one artist has an alternative that could help those customizers.

Over at http://www.mocpages.com/, a user named popo locanarain has created some detailed decals that can be used to decorate any lego body and transform it into your choice of Jason Voorhees. Every single version of Jason has been created, including the 2009 versions with a sack or with hockey mask.

If you're interested in seeing more of Jason Voorhees decal creations of Lego figures, please visit the creator's page at MocPages.


  1. These are pretty cool. You could create your own Jason army for next to no cost. Awesome!

  2. YES!!!!!!! Now, doing stuff like this is awesome!


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