Friday the 13th Part 1-8 On Netflix Ending Soon

I wrote about the first eight Friday the 13th films being available for streaming at the end of November last year while I was part of a previous website. Surprisingly, I never mentioned on this website that Friday the 13th 1980 through Jason Takes Manhattan are all now available to stream using Netflix. This is indeed a great opportunity to watch the films on TV if you do not have the DVD's available to pop in a player.

The only problem with these titles is that all good things never last. It looks as though Netflix will be pulling these films from their streaming lineup as of March 17th. Now, the Paramount set of Friday the 13th films have gone through this before as they were first made avilable for streaming in September of 2010 only to be pulled in October. A few months later in December they were made avilable again and have run a few months straight.

Most fans own these movies on some sort of media, with most probably owning the DVD's of all films in the series. However, it is still fun to be able to jump on Netflix and watch these films when the mood catches a fan to do so!
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