Friday the 13th: The Storm

Fan films have come a long way since people first starting shooting them with VHS camcorders and 8MM cameras. Friday the 13th fan films have been made for decades, but not until Joe Patnauds' Friday the 13th: The Storm, released in July 2009, had one been filmed in High Definition. The results are astounding as the look and feel of the Jason Voorhees character never appeared so real.

Friday the 13th: The Storm

Produced By: Tim Whitfield (Timberwolf Entertainment)
Written By: Joe Patnaud
Directed By: Joe Patnaud
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A serene day at Crystal Lake turns into a nightmare for Sarah, when she draws the attention of Jason Voorhees. Upon arriving home, a nasty rain storm sets in as Jason tracks down his latest victims. Thunder crashes, Lightning strikes… and Jason slashes his way through an unsuspecting suburban home.

Friday the 13th : The Storm clocks in at a short runtime of 14 minutes, however the quality of filmmaking and high definition treatment of this film make up for the small duration. WARNING: NUDITY IS INVOLVED IN THIS FILM.

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