Jason Voorhees Returning On Film Soon

Update: The creators of this project have now mentioned this will indeed be a web series. That makes two web series going into production for fans of Friday the 13th to enjoy. Here is what one of the creators of the new web series, Jason: The Legend of Crystal Lake, mentioned in the comments section below. 

"Our episodes will be 1 hr in length, there will be 6 episodes altogether for our first "season" We plan on keeping this going as long as people stay interested, and since we have so many ideas already for up to 3 seasons worth, i see this thing going for a while. "OUR" Jason will look like Jason but will be a mixture of parts 1-7, he will look nothing like the Jasons from other "Fan Films" .

This show will have the feel of of the first 4 friday movies, the same brand of comedy, with more detailed kills. Jason is a bit more realistic and things you never thought needed explaination get an in depth explaination. you will learn more about Jason in this show than any Friday the 13th movie ever released. This story will focus on Jason! this is all the info about this that we will post for now, however there will be more soon."

Facebook Page: Jason: Legend Of Crystal Lake

Jason will be returning to film soon! There is a new project being created as this is being written and it promises to be something unique and special for the fans. Some visitors may already know the basics, once you see the pics below, but it is being promised that answers will be given to some of the mysteries of Jason Voorhees and hopefully make up for a false sense of marketing in the late 1980's.

As of right now, we cannot tell you more about the project, but we can say that it is not the rumored sequel to Platinum Dunes and Warner Bros. 2009 film, nor is it a traditional fan film. Hang in there, as there should be some news and more we can mention in the near future.

Hopefully, this project can fill those Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th needs until we finally get word that a new Friday the 13th film is being produced. Meanwhile, take a look at some teaser pics below and guess away at what may be coming from Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees!