'The Camp' Re-Opens For Campers This May

Convetions can have a very general layout for fans when they attend. Not to say that a general layout is a bad thing. It ensures optimal flow of traffic through the building that the event is held at and makes for a more enjoyable weekend. That being said, there is a special event being held this May that will make some fans happy to attend something a little different.

'The Camp' is a special event being held in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,Germany. This new experience will feature three Jason Voorhees actors, including Ari Lehman (Young Jason, Friday the 13th 1980), Richard Brooker (Friday the 13th Part 3) and a third to-be-announced actor. There will also be a camp fire, zombie hunt, live concert by First Jason, and an open air cinema with live commentary. The interesting fact is that only 50 guests will be aloud to attend. However, all food and drinks will be inclusive. The cost will be 200€ per person.

'The Camp' takes place May 20th-22nd 2011. When more details are made available we will let you know!

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