Toy Fair Offers Little For Friday the 13th

This past weekend, the annual New York City Toy Fair took place with many toy companies attending to show off new collectibles being released in 2011 and beyond. Companies such as NECA, Mezco and Hasbro showcased their concept and production offerings to fans in hopes of generating buzz for big sales. Unfortunately for Friday the 13th fans, not much was to be found for Jason Voorhees.

It is disappointing to see that NECA has all but abandoned the franchise for this year, as we reported a few weeks ago that there are no plans to create new Jason Voorhees figures or other memoribilia. All that NECA had at the event for Friday the 13th was their previously released bobble head Jason and machete based on the 2009 film as well the Freddy vs Jason hock that was sold through Toys R Us last year. Right now, it looks as though NECA will continue to re-release older products for the franchise just like they did with the 2005 19 inch Jason figure, which hits stores this month.

Since Mezco no longer holds a licence for the Friday series, it looks as though Funko is picking up the slack with unique offerings for hard core collectors of all things Friday the 13th. Funko released their own bobblehead statue in the Fall of 2010 and have since followed up with their 7 inch Plush Jason (Released this month for sale) and a 3 and 3/4 inch vinyl figure that is part of their POP! line of figures. All figures can be bought at Entertainment Earth's website. Below are photos from the toy fair in the Funko section courtesy of

The only other announced collectible announced to be released in 2011 is Sideshow Collectibles Friday the 13th Part 3 Jason figure. Hopefully some more encouraging news for Jason Voorhees collectors will come about in the near future. It looks to be a good time for customizers in the community!