Friday The 13th Modded Games Receive Cease And Desist Orders From Rights Holder Horror Inc

It has been a wild weekend for video game and Friday The 13th fans. Last week we reported on a new modded build of Friday The 13th: The Game that a number of fans were putting together for everyone to enjoy for free. I thought it would be a shaky proposition as Harry Manfredini mentioned last summer that Horror Inc is developing a new Friday The 13th video game and, because of that, my guess is that the rights holder would not want any competition. With that being said, unfortunately, Horror Inc did begin sending cease and desist orders out to fans who are modding the Gun Media game this past weekend.

Not only did the team behind Friday The 13th The Game: Resurrected receive the cease and desist, but another long time modding project of the video game, Friday The 13th: The Complete Edition, received a similar request from Horror Inc. That project had been ongoing for around two years to this point.

These orders from the rights holder were delivered to the developers on their Discord channels. It is safe to deduce what my initial thoughts were on this matter, which is Horror Inc. is most definitely gearing up to officially announce their new video game in the near future and that they do no want any competition against their new game, regardless if these mods of the Gun Media product were being offered for free. It is within Horror Inc's right to ask these projects to be terminated, but it still is upsetting to see that the fully realized potential of Friday The 13th: The Game will never be witnessed.

The silver lining is that a new video game for the franchise is coming soon, along with the television series Crystal Lake and a slew of other projects!

Below is one of the cease and desist letters delivered to the devs via Discord. 

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