Fans Create New Modded Build To Resurrect Friday The 13th: The Game

The end of last year closed a major chapter on one of the best things to happen to the Friday The 13th franchise in decades, Friday The 13th: The Game. The ability to purchase the game ended last year as the rights reverted back to Horror Inc. The rights holders are now working on a brand new game whereas details on that project have not been revealed as of yet. In the mean time, fans can continue to play Friday The 13th: The Game on PC or consoles, but with no more support from the developers or new additions to current game play.

Many fans are aware that there were whole maps and Jason skins that were developed for the game that were either never completed, or released by Gun Media. This was due to legal issues with the Rights battle that took place the past several years. The major unreleased map was that of the Grendel ship from the film Jason X, along with the accompanying skins of Pre-Uber and Uber Jason. That content has been unlocked by game mods over the past several years and can be found by searching Youtube. 

Recently, we discovered that a team of fans have been working on mods for a brand new build of Friday The 13th: The Game that will not only include the lost content not released by Gun Media, but will have more skins and characters, such as the 2009 sack head Jason, and the popular Ghost Jason from the fan film series Never Hike Alone. There is a plethora of other characters in this new build, including Rob Dier from Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. This will be a free to play release and will happen on hosted servers by the development team.

The big question, is this an official release? No, this is not an official release by the rights holders, rather a love letter to the fans by the fans. This new build, Friday The 13th: The Game | Resurrected is more of a completionist journey for all fans and we hope this excursion is fun for all.

We want to emphasize, this is a fan project and not an official release. The team behind this "resurrection" is planning on making announcements about the release of the new build of this game on April 15th. We will keep you all informed of what is upcoming and you can also stay informed on their Twitter, um, X account.

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