Friday The 13th Part 3 Reunion Happening This June!

This June is a special treat for our readers as a large group of alumni from Friday The 13th Part 3 will be appearing, including Mike DeLuna who was a stand in for Richard Brooker in a few scenes as Jason Voorhees. We wrote a story about Mike De Luna almost a decade ago involving his role in playing Jason in the film. We were told by someone involved in the production of the film that Mike portrayed Jason during the hanging scene in the barn. He also played the character when Jason walks through window after throwing Rick through it. This will be a great opportunity to complete your autograph collection!

Stuntman Mike DeLuna will also be joined by Part 3 alumni such as actress Tracie Savage and actors David Katims, Paul Kratka, and Kevin O'Brien for DAYS OF THE DEAD: Phoenix, happening June 28-30 2024 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel Address information is below.

340 North 3rd Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Visit the Days Of The Dead website for more information.

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