New Book 'Jason 3D: A Comprehensive Expose on Friday the 13th Part 3' Released!

Last year, author R.G. Henning brought fans his definitive look at Friday The 13th Part 2 with his book Sackhead: The Definitive Retrospective On Friday The 13th Part 2. The 277 page exploration gave a lot of insight into the film that introduced Jason Voorhees as a homicidal killer. As that book released last year, the author had already began work on his next book Jason 3D: A Comprehensive Exposé on Friday the 13th Part 3. Now we have exciting news for our readers as that book is now available for everyone to purchase.

Effective today, February 26th, R.G. Henning's follow-up has been released by Amazon Publishing. Like it’s predecessor, this 254-page opus features cast interviews, character surveys, production trivia, and scholarly analysis to longstanding questions about the third (and arguably most iconic) entry in the Friday The 13th series.  With a Foreword written by Paul Kratka (“Rick”), it turned out to be 13-months in the making.

Anxious fans who are ready to dive deeper into Friday The 13th Part 3 will no doubt be excited to obtain this new book. Rick himself, Paul Kratka give his endorsement as well, “If you are a serious F13 fan, you must have this book”.

About The Film  
From the people who brought you "Friday the 13th, Parts 1 and 2" comes the most hair-raising yet -- PART 3.

An idyllic summer turns into a nightmare of unspeakable terror for yet another group of naive counselors. Ignoring Camp Crystal Lake's bloody legacy, one by one they fall victim to the maniacal Jason who stalks them at every turn...

"Friday the 13th, Part 3" will have you frozen with fear, as Jason finds his way into your living room!

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