Gutter Garbs Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Gutter Garbs just unveiled their new four day limited release for Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter!

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the film, the new designs by Sam Coyne and Brandon Stecz bring Jason Voorhees' final moments to the forefront showcasing his face reveal and final demise. The second design brings the home video poster and VHS cover design to the fans. Short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, along with hoodies, poster, and pin are available!

Below, you can see the new items that can be purchased now through Sunday April 14th at

The body count continues in this vivid thriller, the fourth -- and final? -- story in the widely successful Friday the 13th series. Jason, Crystal Lake's least popular citizen, returns to wreak further havoc in Friday the 13th -- The Final Chapter. After his revival in a hospital morgue, the hockey-masked murderer fixes his vengeful attention on the Jarvis family and a group of hiherto carefree teenagers. Young Tommy Jarvis is an aficionado of horror films with a special talent for masks and make-up. Has the diabolical Jason finally met his match?

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