Crystal Lake Series Has Not Started Filming Yet, Release Date For Show Not Determined

There has been a lot of misinformation spreading among the fanbase in social media and even some online news sources. Most of the confusion comes from a listing on IMDb for a movie that carries the Crystal Lake name. Hopefully, creating this post will help everyone understand where the show is at and can pass this along to anyone who wants to know more about the the status of the project.

We were told earlier this Summer that the tentative date to begin filming is March 2024, but that was just before the actors strike began, so if that lingers into Fall, it is possible the show may be delayed filming further past March of next year. As of right now, not a single frame has been shot for the series. What can be mentioned is that cast members were hired for the project, but none of those actors have been announced officially, as of yet, except for Adrienne King.

For everything that has been announced surrounding the show, check out our breakdown of the Crystal Lake series and what we know so far.

We are hoping to share more about the series this Friday The 13th in October, but for now, all of us fans will need to be a bit more patient to get all of the big news pertaining to the Crystal Lake and other projects that are on the way!

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