Blairstown Diner Seen In Original Friday The 13th Film Up For Sale

The iconic diner seen in Friday The 13th (1980) has been put up for sale! The restaurant is a popular place to visit in Blairstown, New Jersey for tourists who love the original film of the franchise. The owner embraced the building’s place in film lore and has made it available for fan celebrations and small conventions on the property on Friday The 13th dates. Now, the owner looks to retire.

According to, the owner, Gary Wishnia, is looking to sell for $675,000 and is open to multiple options for purchase. Gary owned the diner for four years and has put around $200,000 into the property in that time.

I have been to the diner before and they serve great food and embrace the fans with open arms. Hopefully, the next owner who takes over understands the historical significance and continues to be inclusive of the fans and Friday The 13th. If you want to own a piece of film history, here is your chance!

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