Everything We Know About The New Friday The 13th Show ‘Crystal Lake’ So Far

Friday The 13th fans have been engaged in a lot of conversations surrounding the new Crystal Lake show and what is going to be involved in the series on the streamer Peacock. There was a lot of information published within the first couple of days of the show announcement this past Halloween, and now that there has been some time to take it all in, we decided to pull all of the information together in one place for our readers to see and hopefully dispel any misleading or misguided information about the show.

• Crystal Lake is 'straight to series', which means the entire series is going into production without a pilot episode being made first.

• According to series show runner Bryan Fuller, the budget for each episode is upwards of 3 million U.S. dollars (that is five times the per-episode budget of Fuller’s Hannibal show).

• Peacock has ordered one season, and the contract includes a penalty for not producing a second season, which in essence is a two season commitment.

• The show has been described as an 'expanded prequel' and a 'pre-remake-uel'.

• Crystal Lake will be executive produced by Victor Miller (writer of the original Friday The 13th film and rights holder), Marc Toberoff (legal rep to Victor Miller), Robert Barsamian (Horror inc. founder and franchise rights holder) and studio A24 (Hereditary, Midsommar, The Lighthouse).

• A24 will serve as the production company as well.

• Nothing is off limits from the TV show. As Bryan Fuller states, “they can go to New York, Hell, and Space. They can use "everything".

• Will we see Jason Voorhees? Fuller responded in his interview to Fangoria, "I wouldn't count Jason out...I think over the course of the series you will see many familiar manifestations of Jason!"

• Fuller also stated the series won't be straying too far from formula, "It will absolutely be recognizable for the hardcore Friday the 13th fans, but will also have an appeal to people who are simply interested in top-shelf TV storytelling."

• What about the body count? Fuller stated in the same Fangoria interview, "It will be pretty murderous! I think we'll be dropping bodies every episode".

Added 1/14/2023

- Adrienne King returns for a recurring role!

- Scream writer Kevin Williamson is writing an episode.

- There will be two scores for the show to choose from. Harry Manfredini’s iconic music and a new score.

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