35mm Showing Of Jason X And Freddy Vs Jason Happening This Friday The 13th!

Friday October 13th is going to be a hectic date this year as there are a number of franchise screenings taking place as well as some impending announcements expected for fans to enjoy. The Colonial Theater, in Phoenixville, Philadelphia, will be holding A Nightmare on Bridge Street, their annual Halloween film marathon. This year the marathon will consist of 35mm screenings of Jason X and Freddy vs Jason!

As the nights turn brisk and the shadows let loose their creatures, join us for ‘A Nightmare on Bridge Street 4’ (The Colonial Theatre’s Halloween Marathon). This year’s selection features three frightfully fun and horrific titles. First, see Jason Voorhees propelled into the future. We will supply the title fight between two of horror’s biggest icons for our second act. Our dessert for the evening will enable us to see what happens on Saturday the 14th. There will be some additional surprises too. Don’t hold back on this groovy evening. It’s our craziest Nightmare on Elm Bridge Street yet.

There will also be a Jason and Freddy costume contest in-between films. If you are interested and live in the area, make sure to Buy Your Tickets now for this fun night of frights and laughs during the Halloween season.

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