Theater Of Creeps Offering EC Comics Style Print Of Jason Takes Manhattan

Theater Of Creeps is run by artist Shane Murphy and he creates some of the most interesting illustrations and enamel pins of our favorite horror characters and films. Shane has spent the past few years styling his illustrations in the vein of the old EC Comics covers that produced such icon franchises such as Tales From The Crypt. He typically has something fun up his sleeves for one the next Friday The 13th date arrives and this March is no different.

Beginning today, Tales From Manhattan will be available to purchase in various forms.

New York has a new problem. Available tomorrow at 6PM EST! The new 9x12” ‘Tales From Manhattan’ print. These will go on sale alongside the new patches. 18x24” posters will be available for preorder soon.

If you’re interested in getting this awesome Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan throwback design, please visit and embark on attaining some shockumentary footage.

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