Experience ‘Camp Crystal Lake Public Access’ With SyFy Friday The 13th Marathon

It is a fun tradition to marathon the Friday The 13th films on a Friday The 13th. Many of our readers will pop in their DVD’s or Blu-Rays to watch the films in their unedited glory. Other people watch the edited films on television, like many of the older fans grew up doing in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Starting late tonight, SyFy channel will be showing the original eight Paramount films in a 24 hour marathon!

The added bonus to this marathon is that the network will be going all in with their version of a Crystal Lake public access channel. Pointed out by Bloody Disgusting earlier today, SyFy announced the following:

(On March 13th) from 6PM to midnight, Syfy transforms into “Camp Crystal Lake’s Public Access Channel,” featuring quirky in-world commercials, camp counselor recruitment videos, PSAs, favorite movie moments and more!

Check out the schedule on the SyFy site for the entire Marathon.