Up And Coming Slashhouse Studios Offering Part III And The Final Chapter Jason Busts

I was recently listening to the Camp Blood Radio podcast and they had artist Chris Ferruchie on to discuss his Slashhouse Studios and the many sculpts of famous horror icons he produces. He is just starting to venture into Friday The 13th territory and creating the many looks of Jason Voorhees. Recently, he completed busts of Jason from Friday The 13th Part III and Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and they look incredible. Chris has only been sculpting for three years(!) and has produced some truly remarkable pieces that collectors are clamoring for.

Below are some of the excellent pieces he has created and Chris will be sculpting even more Jason likenesses from the films in the future. The majority of his work is silicone based now, which gives a life-like quality to his creations.

You can check out all of his work on this Instagram page and if you are interested in his The Final Chapter Jason, head on over to Etsy Page now to get your copy.

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