Witness The Original Artist Painting For The 'A New Beginning' Home Video Covers

Friday The 13th: A New Beginning represented the beginning of the shift in tone and, in some ways, the formula of the films in the franchise. A New Beginning does not take itself as seriously as previous entries in the series and is littered with colorful and off-the-wall characters. The marketing for the home video release also showcased a change in vision as promotional materials and home video covers displayed a hockey mask not yet seen before in the franchise. The hockey masked used for the cover art of A New Beginning was more indicative of what hockey fans would think of a goalie mask looking like and the change in the mask's look also represented a change in the direction of the franchise.

Friday The 13th super fan Billy Kirkus recently acquired a very rare item from the fifth film in the franchise and posted about it on Facebook. 

This is a rare one.  Just in from my buddy at Paramount Pictures. This is actual artist painting for the Friday the 13th Part V Video Cassette and LaserDisc covers.  It's not a transparency, it's the actual artwork on a plastic transparency film.  (It's covered by a special plastic sleeve.)

Paramount was going through their archives and getting rid of more historical items from their films. It’s insane that more Friday The 13th history was going to be discarded once again! Thankfully, Billy has connections to preserve these kinds of items. I personally would love to own a piece of franchise history such as this.