Lebron James Inquires About Producing New Friday The 13th Film

This is not an April Fools joke as we are nowhere near April, so Lebron James is reportedly interested in producing a new Friday The 13th film. Bloody Disgusting is hearing that Lebron and his Springhill Entertainment is currently in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to produce a reboot of Friday the 13th.

UPDATE: Victor Miller took the project to Vertigo to push through Warner Bros. for distribution. Lebron’s production company is a partner with Vertigo and meetings are out for writers and directors now. 

There is obviously a lot involved here. First of all, these are just talks and inquiries into a possible partnership to produce. Also, one of the biggest hurdles of rebooting the film is the rights battle that is still playing out in court between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham. There is an appeal happening now in that decision. That matter must be resolved before a studio would even think of distributing a new film.

That brings us to Warner Bros. The distributor would have to agree to release the film and put money behind the marketing and distribution. 

Even though Lebron may be inquiring about producing a new film, there are rights to be settled and Warner Bros. would have to be interested in parterning with Lebron’s company and Vertigo Entertainment to make the film. We shall see where this story goes, but for now everyone should not get too hyped about the news as of yet.

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